To build and deploy apps on to IOS device is much more complicated than on android. Three things (if you want to deploy on a test device even four) are required: a certificate for each development / build machine, an identifier for your app, registered test devices and an provisioning profile which holds these things together.


Every machine in which you want to build your app, must have the certificate installed. To get a certificate you need a certificate .csr file (certificate signing request) which can you create on your mac. The whole thing can be done with the keychain tool or which XCode. Keychain is more complicated, because you have to create the csr manually, then upload it to the developer portal and download and install the certificate. In Xcode you can simply push a button and then download the certificate.



There are different types of certificates: development, App Store / Adhoc, push certificates and some more. For a simple application, you only need the first three certificates. Each development machine can create their own certificate, but if you have an enterprise developer account, there can only be only 2 active App Store / Adhoc certificates (limitation by apple). In this case you have to export the certificate with keychain and import it on every machine which should be able to build the app.


An identifer is used to identify your app and define which rights are required. You can either define a unique name or use the same wildcard app identifier for multiple apps. But wildcard identifier has several drawbacks, like not able to use in app purchase or other apple services. As already mentioned, you have to define the services your app uses: like in app purchase, game center, homekit, apple pay and more.



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