What can we expect from 2017 regarding mobile development with Microsoft technologies?  There are two things I can’t wait for…

Visual Studio Mobile Center

Visual Studio Mobile Center should handle the complete devops lifecycle of an app, building, testing, deployment and monitoring. Some parts of it replaces Xamarin Insights and Hockeyapp. I’m interested because I loved Xamarin Insights, which isn’t available any more for new apps since Microsoft bought Hockeyapp and Xamarin. With the new platform you now get crash reporting an analytics again which can be easily setup.


Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio for Mac is replacing the Xamarin Studio for Mac. The preview can be downloaded for free. But what can we excpect from the new Visual Studio? At a first glance it looks and feels still like Xamarin Studio. The new main new feature is that you now can code .NET Core powered backend projects on Mac. But you also get improved instellisence, code completion and refactoring experience. All other mentioned features may improve the experience, but aren’t that groundbreaking (see https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/visualstudio/2016/11/16/visual-studio-for-mac/).



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